Titus von der Malsburg

I am a visiting professor (“Professurvertretung”) for psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics at the University of Potsdam. I believe that language comprehension and production are highly dynamic and rapidly adapt to factors such as task demands, linguistic constraints, cognitive constraints, and day-to-day changes in world-knowledge. If true, this raises a lot of questions about the way we investigate language in laboratory settings. I address these questions by radically rethinking how we collect and analyze experimental data. One result of this is a new method for analyzing eye movements in reading. Using this method I demonstrated that readers differ dramatically in how they approach a sentence, a result that could not have been obtained using conventional methods. In more recent research, I am taking my experiments outside the lab in order to test language processing in people who are more representative of the general population than college students. For further research interests, see my list of publications.

Email: malsburg@ucsd.edu (PGP public key)
Profiles: Twitter, Github, Research Gate, ORCID, Google+, Google Scholar

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